Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Infinity Hospitality Sourcing is much more than just a manufacturer of 400 thousand different products. We are dreamers inspired by innovation, finding solutions to real life problems, answers to questions, strategic systems to place ourselves above competitors and most importantly, the willingness to actually make a difference. Anyone that knows how we operate can vouch for these statements.

What can we do as a company to contribute to this crisis? As we all know, UVC is widely used in the fields of personal health and home hygiene. For example, disinfection of kitchen utensils and tableware, disinfection of drinking glass bottles, air purification and sterilisation, killing mites and mosquitoes are the best. But can ultraviolet light really be used to kill bacterial viruses, especially the new corona virus that is currently raging?


In an effort to adapt and contribute to the current global pandemic, IHS has added a variety of hygiene, sanitizing, disinfection and UV products that will help assist large and small businesses get back to work, as well as healthcare, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, automotive, food, air cargo and even the Marina industries, suited for all environments. UV has been approved as an undeniable solution for viruses including CORONA by the CDC, FEMA and FDA. View our product lineup below:

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